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Engage your stakeholders!

So you are responsible for organizing an effective international meeting. You know your stakeholders. You have picked the key topic(s). You might even have thought of possible speakers. At this point a crucial question arises…

How to engage your delegates with the meeting?


That’s where I come in. As a professional moderator I set your participants thinking – by listening actively, summarizing to the point and raising thought-provoking questions. I connect (the issues, ideas and questions raised by) delegates and panelists. That is, if you invite a panel at all, as there are many formats to trigger the genuine interaction you want.


Drawing upon many years of professional experience, I provide meeting organizers with conceptual and practical advice. Having hosted a wide range of interactive meetings, I help you find a custom-fit solution to meet your demands. For instance, I moderate international conferences, stakeholder dialogues, debates, co-creation sessions — or whatever format fits your goals.


If you tell me your objectives for your international meeting, together we can create the most appropriate format, room setting and tone of voice. By doing so, I help you turn passive visitors into (inter)active participants. For this purpose, I cooperate with some of the best professionals in meeting design and event technology.

Therefore, it’s a tremendous honour that the Dutch meeting industry has awarded me the prize of the ‘Most Talented Moderator’ in 2013 (Meest Talentvolle Dagvoorzitter 2013).

Please feel free to contact me.

Chemical nutritionists of the Saudi Food & Drug Administration (SFDA) discuss the allocation of governmental responsibilities with the Ministry of Health. [Photograph: Fieke Huisman, economic diplomat at the Netherlands Embassy in Riyadh]

Examples of international events from my portfolio as a moderator:

    • 2010 dialogue: ‘Another Side of Iran’ (with journalists and scholars);
    • 2012 documentary & dialogue: ‘Justice for Sale’ about trials in DR Congo (with NGOs);
  • 2012 festival ‘European Life I Live’ about North-African refugees in Southern Europe (with UNHCR);
  • 2012 conference: ‘The future of small-scale LNG’ (with energy companies & government agencies);
  • 2013 symposium: ‘Multinational corporations & human rights’ (with DSM, NGOs, diplomats and students);
  • 2014 debate: ‘A Struggle for Peace / The future of capitalism’ (with scholars and diplomats);
  • 2015 seminar: ‘Healthy Food & Healthy Living‘ (with Saudi and Dutch researchers, traders, civil servants and diplomats) at Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • 2016 conference: ‘4th Annual Corporate Compliance and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry’ (with pharma executives, compliance managers and consultants) at Zürich, Switzerland;
  • 2017 study trip Gent (with delegation of academic and civil servants) at Gent, Belgium
  • 2018 career event (with CEOs of multinational corporations from energy, food and telco) at Rotterdam School of Management
  • 2019 conferences on iGaming and gambling (with gaming/gambling executives, suppliers, regulators and NGOs) at London, UK & Boston, USA.

Client testimonial:

The event on “Healthy Food & Healthy Living”, which was organised on May 21, 2015, in Riyadh by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was a great success. From Saudi side, we had several positive reactions.

From my side, as one of the initiators, I would like to thank you very much for the positive role you played in this event as moderator. You were able to stimulate the public to participate in a lively way in the discussions. Short intros and summaries of the presentations added significantly to an excellently organized performance of the event. I believe that through it all, this event will be an example of a vivid and adequate way of dealing with present-day topics.

Dr. Hans van der Beek, agricultural counselor (the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Riyadh)

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